Opening and closing of reactor pressure vessels and primary circuit components in nuclear power plants

For almost 60 years, Siempelkamp Tensioning Systems GmbH has enjoyed an excellent reputation on the world-wide nuclear engineering market as a specialist for the design, delivery, modernisation and maintenance of highly automated stud tensioners for opening and closing of reactor pressure vessels and other primary circuit components in nuclear power plants. Utilisation of this stud tensioning technology equipped with state of the art control facilities shortens operational sequences for opening and closing by more than 50 percent compared with traditional procedures. In combination therewith, fewer operators are required, and the radiation dosage is minimised. By virtue of the high degree of automation and the reproducibility of the action sequences, the material is treated conservatively, in particular the reactor studs, so that a long service life of the components is ensured. Our performance offer is supplemented with a "24 hour service" as well as test and training facilities. This comprehensive performance offer, which is subjected to continual further development, enables the operators to carry out quickest possible maintenance overhauls of the primary circuit components and thus to increase the economic efficiency of their nuclear facilities. 

In the nuclear power plant the critical path is the time period which during a maintenance overhaul determines its total time.